Simple Tips To Get Cheap Hotel Stay


Simple Tips To Get Affordable Hotel Stay

Searching for an affordable hotel is one of the biggest challengers for travelers. Here are 11 tips you can use to get an affordable hotel stay:

  1. The Cheapest month to travel is January 1.

A hotel break in January is the best way to get over the new year blue as it is the quietest month for travel. This is the best time to get a bargain for your hotel room. You will find great bargains even in five-star hotels around the world for rooms under USD70 a night.


  1. Sunday Nights For City Hotel Stays are Normally Cheaper

Weekend travellers have gone back to work. The hotels are left with many unoccupied rooms which can be booked at a much lower rate. If you are lucky, you may even get a free upgrade.

  1. Book With Your Mobile Apps

Booking on your Apps from your smartphone will get you much better rates. In fact from survey 54% of travellers booked a hotel on their smartphone Apps. Just look around and you may even find great deals here. The trick is to download a few hotel booking Apps and you may hit a jackpot.

  1. Do Not Stay In A Tourist District

Cities such as London, Tokyo, Sau Paulo and Brussels have vibrant business districts and the hotel there cater for business travellers. Here you will find very reasonable room rates during weekends as the hotels are not occupied by businessmen.

  1. Don’t Forget To Use The Loyalty Programmes

Be loyal guest and you will be rewarded. Don’t forget to enquire from the hotels on the loyalty programmes available. They will reward loyal customers with the best room rates, free nights and also VIP services.

  1. Bring Your Pet Along And Get More Space.

Here is a bummer. A pet-friendly hotel will get you and your pet a bigger room at no extra cost. So bring your pet along on your next trip.

  1. Worth Booking Late

This is never heard of but now booking late is better than early. There is no hurry to book a room early during off season period. You will be charged a normal rate. By booking late you will be pleasantly surprised to get some great deals.

  1. Checking In Late.

Here is a super tip. If you arrive late and there is a chance the hotel have run out of standard room for you. Here you may end up getting a free upgrade.

  1. Make Every Stay A Special Occasion

Mention any reasonable celebration you can think of for example a birthday, romantic mini break, anniversary to the staff when your are booking in. You may get extra treats such as a birthday cake, a bottle of wine or even a room upgrade.

  1. Book A Corner Room

Due to the design of buildings, the corner room is usually more spacious and having the lowest noise level. Get a bigger room without paying more.

  1. Politeness Pays

Being polite and friendly to the reception staff can often help you to a better room or even vouchers to breakfast, fruit baskets and other perks. Be polite and you will be rewarded.

There you go. All the tips you can use to get an affordable hotel. If you enjoy what you’ve read, make sure to comment and share this post with your friends!