Loans at the minute

At Good Finance you can apply for a loan at the minute. The loan application takes just a few minutes to complete and you will receive the money within one working day. If you apply for a loan within our business hours, we guarantee you will hear from us within three hours. Find us at Trustpilot and see what other customers write about us.

Borrow money per minute

Borrow money per minute

You can borrow up to DKK 15,000 per minute by creating a credit with us. The first 30 days of your loan period are even interest-free and fee-free if you have not borrowed money from us before. In order for you to borrow money per minute, simply click on our loan calculator below and you are well underway.

  • Borrowed DKK 15,000 free for 30 days
  • Apply in 1 minute
  • Have the money within 3 hours
  • Quick and easy online application

There may be many reasons why you need to borrow right now. This could be due, for example, to an unexpected bill where the payment deadline is about to expire. Precisely with similar unpredictable incidents, we at Good Finance are happy to offer you loans at the minute. This means that the application process can be carried out wherever you are, as long as you have a device with Internet access. In addition, you will have the money in your account within one business day. Before you click on the loan calculator and apply for a loan, you can read more about loans per minute on this page. Just click on the topic in the list that you want to read more about.

  • Easy and quick
  • Who can borrow?



As our loans are online, you can borrow at the minute whether you choose our credit or quick loans. Our application process can be completed in one minute and you will have received your loan within three hours if you have borrowed a minute within our business hours. If you need to take out a loan per minute, an online loan may be an alternative for you. With our online loan, you can borrow while sitting at home via your laptop or tablet and smartphone if you are away from home. We do not require you to pledge your belongings, and since we do not need any documentation, you can decide for yourself what you want to spend the money on. In addition, our loan has a fixed monthly interest rate of 15%, which means that your loan will never increase in an incalculable size.

As mentioned earlier, we have no hidden costs or hidden fees and with our loan calculator you can see all the costs of your loan. We can therefore offer a loan with high transparency, and if you take a loan per minute you will also be given a free customer profile at Good Finance. With your personal customer profile, you approve our loan offer with NemID and you will receive your loan immediately. With your personal customer profile, you can always access your loan at a minute and get an overview of the necessary information about your loan. If you need to increase your loan by the minute, you can, through your personal customer profile, choose to increase your loan up to your maximum credit limit.

Loans per minute – an alternative for you


As you may have guessed by now, you can quickly and easily take out a loan with us every minute. This is just one of the reasons why online loans have become popular among Danes – it’s simple and you’ll receive your money in no time. We can therefore offer you our loans with attractive advantages over your bank. The bank has a longer application process, which requires that you provide collateral for your assets, as well as prove that you are approved to take out a loan. But even if you can’t borrow at your bank a minute, the bank is still an alternative you can take advantage of. When you generally need to take out a loan, you should find out whether it is a minute loan you need or a loan that meets another purpose – the purpose may be that you need a new car or are looking for a new home. If the purpose is one of these two things, your bank may be able to help you. Whether you take out a loan per minute or increase a loan, you should always consider whether you have other alternatives for good and whether your finances can handle a loan at the moment. Read more about loans per minute here:

  • Quick loan Loan up to DKK 10,000 with a short-term loan
  • SMS loan Secure your loan application through your mobile
  • Loan on the day Apply for a loan now and receive the money within the same day
  • Quick loan Get a loan of up to DKK 15,000 quickly.



Do you need to take out a loan at our minute? Then you can apply with us easily and receive your money after a short time. However, we have a few requirements that are met by the vast majority of Danes, however. To borrow our loans per minute, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have a Danish CPR number
  • Have a Danish address
  • Have a NemID
  • Have an active email address
  • Have a Danish phone number
  • Have a Danish bank account
  • Be rated worthy of Good Finance

If it is considered that you are not creditworthy to take out a loan per minute, this may be due to a variety of reasons. The reasons may be, for example, that you: (1) do not have a strong enough economy at this time or (2) are registered in a debt register.

Your finances

If you have not been approved to take out a loan per minute, the reason may be your finances. We are trying to help anyone who needs to take out a loan per minute, but we believe that your finances are not strong enough, we cannot offer our loans – for your own safety. However, you are more than welcome to reapply if your financial situation changes. In some cases, we may offer you to borrow for a smaller amount than requested, as we often find from our clients that a smaller amount is of greater benefit, after all.

If you are registered in a debtor register

Another reason why you have not been approved to take out loans at the minute may be because you are registered in a debt register, such as RKI. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you our loan if you are registered in a debtor’s register, which is why we ask you to apply at a later date.



If you have additional questions to borrow per minute, we are almost sure to find the answer if you click on our ‘Questions and Answers’ page. Before you start taking out a loan per minute, it is important that you read our loan terms, as it is a prerequisite that all our customers agree with these. If you have any questions about our loan or loan terms, we are also ready to assist you by phone. Take advantage of our quality service by calling us on phone 78 74 62 08 or write to us at info @ Good Finance. Our customer service can also give you advice and guidance on how to plan your finances, as well as take out a loan per minute. Contact us during weekdays during our opening hours from 09: 00-16: 30 Customer service.